If you are looking to upgrade your home's heating and cooling features, consider using the Lux TX9600TS programmable thermostat. This digital thermostat may be stripped of some of the bonus features you find on other thermostats, but it equips itself with multi-stage heating and up to four programmable periods per day.

Programming the TX9600 is standard, and you can program each day of the week individually. There isn't a one-touch override button, so if you want to reset your schedule you either have to hit the reset button on the device, which erases the time and date, or just go in and reprogram the days individually. The thermostat does let you go from automatic to manual mode, which is a temporary temperature override feature.

If you are familiar with touchscreen technology, you know small typeface can cause a headache. The 6-inch screen on the TX9600 has large numbers and words so programming is simple for those who struggle seeing small print. The thermostat's screen is backlit for easy viewing at night. You can install this thermostat yourself, as there are installation manuals on the Lux website.

The TX9600 thermostat works on multi-stage heating but only one stage of cooling. This isn't a problem, since the majority air conditioning units on the market are only single-stage units. This single-stage cooling means the unit only has one fan speed, instead of building up speed in increments, using less energy.

While the thermostat doesn't have an override feature, there are hold and vacation features for when you are away for more than one or two days. You can program the fan with this thermostat, keeping the air in your home well ventilated.

The thermostat isn't feature-rich, but Lux makes up for this by offering a three-year warranty on the thermostat, no registration needed. The Lux website has installation and programming manuals as well as a limited number of instructional videos.

Lux TX9600TS Summary:

If you are someone who enjoys extra features such as Wi-Fi or humidity sensors, you might want to consider some of the higher-ranked home thermostats, but the Lux TX9600TS will still be a major upgrade for many homeowners with thermostats that you must control manually. This programmable thermostat misses few standout and intriguing features like one-touch override and multi-stage cooling, but we did find simplicity in the programming, and the large user interface makes it easy to use.


Lux TX9600TS

Using the thermostat to program your fan is an efficient way to keep your home free from stale air.

This thermostat is missing a lot of extra features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-stage cooling and a humidity sensor.

The Verdict
: 5.65/10

The TX9600TS is a solid thermostat for anyone unfamiliar with programming thermostats, but not feature-filled like competing units.